CS 208 v2 Professional Audio Mixer

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CS208v2 Features

CS 208 v2 Operation Manual
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Cooper Sound Systems has been providing high quality professional audio mixers to the film & television industry since 1989 with the introduction of the CS 106+1 audio mixer. The CS 208, an updated version of the CS 106+1, is an eight channel portable mixer with four main plus two aux. outputs and includes comprehensive communication features. Cooper mixers are well known amongst industry professionals for their dependability in demanding recording environments, ease of operation and superior audio quality. The CS 208 v2 includes more flexible bus assignment capabilities, a more comprehensive monitoring system, faster acting limiters and two fully independent roll switches.   

Standard Features:

  • 8 modular input channels (also available with 6 channels, same chassis)
  • 6 busses-4 main & 2 aux.
  • 2 remote rolls (For Nagra, HHB, Fostex & other compatible systems)
  • 2 stereo tape returns
  • 3 monitor outs (with private line)
  • New mic preamp design - even lower noise
  • 4 high quality analog meters (PPM/VU/Nordic)
  • Lower current consumption
  • Compatible with all quality analog & digital multi-track recorders
  • All connectors on front & back panels-fits on rack shelf.
  • Jensen transformer coupled inputs & outputs for sonic purity and reliability
  • Very flexible output connector configuration
  • Highest quality components: P&G faders, Sifam meters, sealed plastic potentiometers
  • All metal chassis with durable weather-resistant coating & anodized, deep image labeling
  • Ergonomically laid out for maximum convenience & easy operation

Optional Features:

  • Stereo modules with M/S decoding
  • 8 balanced,+4 dBu outputs,pre or post fader, on a Dsub25 connector
  • Internal A-D converters and AES/EBU outputs for the four main outs


Internal batteries: 12 'D' cells
External DC: 12-24 v
Weight (no batteries): 19 lbs (8.6 kg)
Size: 16.5" x 15.2" x 5" (419 x 386 x 127 mm)
THD + N: .003%
EIN (150 ohms 20-20 k): -129.5 dBu
EIN (150 ohms 'A' wt'd): -131.2 dBu

Made in the USA
(Manufacturer reserves the right to change specifications without notice.)


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