1. CH: Channel power (down = on). Do not switch during recording.

2. PH/DYN/T: Mic Power -  Phantom   = 48v * (see notes).
                     Dynamic   = no power.
                     T               = tonader power (AB).
3. �:                      Audio phase only.       N = normal.
                                                         R = reverse.

4. Mic/Line: Microphone or line level in.

5. PAD: Attenuator to reduce mic or line input levels.

6. HP1: High pass filter, pre-transformer.

7. HP2: High pass filter, post-transformer & pre-Amps.

     8. Out (MS dec./LR): Down = no M/S decode.Up = M/S decode to the mix busses & direct outs (post fader).

9. Mix: Assigns stereo channel to the AB or CD busses.
Further selection can be made by the balance pot.
L = A,C.
R = B,D.

10. Monitor: MS dec. / LR      Down = no M/S decode to phones 1.
                          Up      = M/S decode to phones 1 only.

11. Monitor on & LED: Sends signal to the phones 1 section only (see #10 for M/S decode).
Interrupts other inputs to phones 1, Down = on.

12. L, R Gain: Controls mic pre-Amp gain.

13. BAL: Balance pot - to either adjust the balance of 2 inputs, assign 1 channel
only to a mix bus or to adjust the stereo image width for M/S mics.

14. O/L: Overload indicator.

15. Stereo channel fader. 


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