CS208v2 Features

Individual bus assigns ABCD - any channel can be selected to any combination of busses.
Pan out switch - Disables pan pot for minimum bus crosstalk.
Limiter action LED.
PFL & AFL listen
- Allows isolated track monitoring separate from the main monitor bus.
Faster limiters - Still LDR (light dependent resistor) for low distortion.

Monitor 1 (phones 1) -
Individual bus selection -
   Any combination of busses can be more readily selected.
   Solo switching for all busses.
   Aux oscillator/slate assign -
      3 position - Center = Aux 1 only   Right = Aux 1 & 2
   Very handy when an Aux bus is used for playback (for instance).
   PL - Assignable PL to monitor 2, monitor 2 & 3 or monitor 3 only.
   Conveniently located next to PL master switch.
Rolls - 2 fully independent rolls Internal switches allow each roll to be configured for momentary or latching requirements. (See operator's manual p. 17 & 26.)

Monitor 2 & 3 (phones 2 & 3) -
Tape/direct for each output.
Individual bus assigns to each output (any combination may be selected).
Mono/Stereo/MS for each output.
Mono or stereo headphones may be used without special adaptors (see rear panel).
Or, mono feeds for wireless IFB.

Rear Panel -
DB25 connector for 8 balanced out option.
AES & W/C connectors.
Mono/stereo switches for monitor 2 & 3
Returns, comm. in, and slate on convenient XLRs.

Meter panel -
Cut out on left side included for ADC switches option.

All modules (v1 & v2) may be interchanged between the version 1 & version 2 chassis. One exception is the independent rolls feature. A small modification would need to be made to the v1 chassis.